Aiding in building strong, impactful communities with unconditional love.

We are aspiring to become a pivotal asset to our local communities and beyond. We want to offer an array of services to the city where we reside and the surrounding areas.

Programs Include, But Aren't Limited To:

A box that consists of non-perishables, clothing, and/or hygiene products.

Community outreach to young boys, teens, & men allowing a safe place to talk about issues, also to instruction, knowledge and wisdom on finances, manhood, husbandhood & more.

Community outreach to young girls, teen girls, & women allowing a safe place, instruction, knowledge, and wisdom on womanhood.

Program helping kids with school supplies, backpacks, supply fees, after-school tutoring, meals, & other school help.

Program to help young men & women on their journey to accomplish their goals & dreams with a Loveship Scholarship.

Focuses on public speaking, teaching of, biblical principles, musical gatherings & other for-cause efforts.

Ready To Help Us Make An Impact?

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