A Place To Receive The Real Love Of God

Working to build better communities through inspiration and change. 

The power of Community


Genuine Support

We believe in helping others. We want to help in any way we can to see others in our community succeed.



Connections are everything. We belive that having a strong network is a key to making true change happen.


Helping Others

There's no greater way to show your love for your fellow man than to serve, and we want to do that every chance we get.

Our Programs


Community outreach to young boys, teens, & men allowing a safe place to talk about issues.

Loveship Scholarship

Scholarship to help young men & women on their journey to accomplish their goals & dreams.

Onederful Women

Program young girls, teen girls, & women allowing a safe place, instruction, knowledge, and wisdom on womanhood.

Meet The Founders

Learn more about the phenomenal founders of The Real Love Center, Apostle Albert O. Crowley, Jr., and Prophetess Santana Crowley.

What’s next

Upcoming Events

March 23 - Pastoral Anniversary

Guest Speaker - Pastor Loretta Stafford

Ready To Do The Work With Us?

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